Parents and Citizens' Association


P&C Executive Committee 2020/2021

President: Melissa Townsend

Vice President: Mandy Weidmann

Treasurer: Louise Cooney

Secretary: Don Mackintosh

Annual General Meeting: March 2021

P&C General meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6.30 pm in the Resource Centre – everyone welcome, including new members. Please note that P&C meetings are not held during the school holidays.


Parents and Citizens Association

Actions always speak louder than words when it comes to valuing your child’s learning. Joining the P&C is one of the best ways to show your children how much you value their education and how interested you are in what they do.

A lot can and has been achieved through the P&C and school working together towards common goals. To continue this work, the P&C needs people from all walks of life and with a range of talents who are committed to improving outcomes for our children and school.

The more people involved, the more exciting and successful it will be.


We encourage P&C members to attend our monthly meetings, however we understand that is not always possible. As a P&C member you will receive emails of the minutes from P&C meetings and information regarding events and activities occurring at school. It is a great way to keep informed regarding what is happening at our school.

The P&C newsletter 'The Buzz' is distributed each term to keep all parents updated regarding P&C activities.

A voice

P&C membership is voluntary. Membership gives you voting rights and the opportunity to be involved in the future direction of the school. The P&C ratifies school policies, funding and strategic planning documents. 

Friendship and community

The P&C monthly meetings are a friendly gathering of people who share the common goal of caring for our school. Refreshments are served, and it is a lovely opportunity to get to know other parents. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6.30 pm in the seminar room in the Resource Centre. The Annual General Meeting is held at the March meeting. 

The functions of a P&C are:

  • To encourage closer cooperation between parents, members of the community, staff and students.
  • To provide advice and recommendations to the Principal on issues and concerns in respect to the student body and the general operations and management of the school.
  • To provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources and services for the benefit of students of the school.
  • To participate in any committee or other body comprising members of the school and wider community, which will contribute to the general benefit of students at the school.

Each year the P&C pledges money to the school to assist in funding a variety of school activities such as excursions, incursions, special events such as cultural festivals, La Biennale, Decemberfest and Year 6 Graduation. Money is also pledged to assist with purchasing resources such as technology equipment.

We have five main sub-committees: Outside School Care Association (OSCA), Fundraising, Uniform Shop, Tuckshop and Grants.


The P&C endeavours to support a variety of school programs. Some of our achievements are:

  • Air-conditioning of A Block in 2019.
  • Successful application for $20 000 for Local Schools Community
  • Soft fall for play area accessed by school and OSCA students.
  • Management of the OSCA before and after school and vacation care program.
  • Ongoing yearly support of the school's unique events including Celebremos, Muisc Concers, School Disco and Welcome Barbeque.
  • Tuckshop improvements.
  • Air-conditioning and interactive whiteboards for classrooms
  • Support for the  sports programs through purchasing new equipment/instruments.
  • Support for the literacy program through purchase of readers and other literacy and numeracy resources for the Resource Centre
  • Support of SEL program through subsidising the purchasing of class materials and programs.
  • Financial contribution towards the purchase of computers and tablets.
  • Introduction and development of Active School Travel Program.
  • Self funded and income producing 'Cafe Dunellan' as an ongoing fundraising initiative.


P&C are currently working on include:

  • Improvement and development of outdoor multi-purpose learning/teaching spaces.
  • Continued improvements for the Tuckshop. 

How to join the P & C Association

Fill out the application form on this website.  Return it to the P & C Secretary before the AGM in March or bring it along to a meeting and you're officially part of our P & C.

Last reviewed 29 May 2020
Last updated 29 May 2020